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Hike the hills of the Luberon in search of wild herbs, natural spring and fossils from 20 million years ago, when this part of Provence was underwater.

During this beautiful nature walk, you will learn to recognize fossils, identify wild herbs growing naturally in the countryside and drink homemade Pastis mixed with water from a natural spring, like a Provençal native straight out of a Peter Mayle novel..

We'll show you lingering evidence of the first humans in the region, from nearly 130,000 years ago.

After the hike, your hosts will take you to a beautiful fish pond in the countryside, where a table will be waiting for you with a traditional apéritif (rosé and red wine, homemade Provencal pâté, tapenade, mushrooms, etc.) and great stories.

Because we are in the Luberon National Park, we regret that we cannot allow guests to take ancient fossils from the site. Photos, however, are encouraged!

Cost: 50€ for adults

30€ for children under 17

Number: Minimum of 2 clients, maximum of 12

Time: Weekdays, 9am - 12pm, depending on the season, weather, etc.

Season: Year-round

Duration: 3 hours

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